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Solar sales effectiveness - dont ignore Pre-Design

It does not matter whether the proposed system grid tied, grid-assisted, or battery back-up, everything requires a practical design. It is critical not to over engineer the design since solar providers need a 12-24 hrs around for pre-design.


Even if you have lead qualifiers that qualify shade some would slip through the cracks. Shade is a significant factor in PV design. In the North East (USA) shade alone disqualified about 40-60% of properties. A good example here of CT homes that enter pre-design without prior site qualification.

Module Layout:

Consider creating different types of design for the property.

  • MaxFit - This would maximize the available roof space. Maxfit is not necessary the bestFit. However, it will provide the homeowner with some perspective on how tree coverage is effective their throughput. It is much easier conversations later if a tree trimming or removal might just provide the best output
  • BudgetFit - For property owners on a budget, cash deals, and backup battery systems


TSRF and Fire setbacks: Consider the utility offset and TSRF for grid-tied systems. Most advanced design tools out there would provide the TSRF, but they may not restrict your design based on state policies and restrictions. Every state is different. Our analysis indicates that a careful evaluation of limits during the pre-design phase would save solar providers about 7-10% of cancellations and change orders

Aesthetics :

Create a visually appealing design proposal that shows homeowners a customized layoutwith panels placed on the mounting planes

If you have tried different approaches, please share your experience. Moreover, if you are tired of your current design approach, we would love to give you early access to SolyMoly development and platform services.